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Ice Chips Wintergreen
Ice Chips Wintergreen Xylitol Ice Chips Wintergreen. Ingredients: Birchwood Xylitol and organic wintergreen. And it is guilt-free, recommended for diabetics and good for your teeth. Additionally: * Xylitol is an all natural sweetener produced in small amounts in nature and even in the human body. It is much better for your teeth and mouth than sugar. * Xylitol is absorbed by harmful bacteria in the mouth. The bacteria cannot use xylitol as an energy source and so they stop producing acids. * Xylitol stimulates alkaline saliva which helps to balance mouth acidity. * Xylitol protects teeth from some of the damage caused in an acidic or dry mouth. Teeth become smoother and bacteria stop sticking to the gums and teeth. Plaque stops forming and the gums will start to slowly heal

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What's New!
We have added some new soaps like Lavender Oatmeal with Shea butter - a nice gentle bar. We have lots of new gift items, starting at $5.00. We also have a fresh supply of honey and maple syrup. We have Catnip Pillows for that special kitty. I have also added a peppermint foot lotion and pepprmint mist that help with circulation and provide soothing and cooling. Check out the natural herbal hand sanitizers and sprays for safer alternatives.