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Thai Deodorant Crystal Stick 4.25oz
Thai Deodorant Crystal Stick 4.25oz Thai Deodorant Stone Crystal in handy stick form. Made with only mineral salts, an effective and safe no-fragrance deodorant. After showering, rub crystal under moist underarms, or moisten the stone briefly with water and apply liberally. Deodorant stones are made from cystallized natural mineral salts which kill odor causing bacteria. Contains no harmful chemicals, oils, perfumes, or emulsifiers. A lot of people who came into my store and bought these were breast cancer survivers and shared with me the importance of using pure products under the arms which are absorbed into the lymph nodes.

Natural crystal deodorant is a product that is chemical free and does actually protect against body odor. Here are just a few of the advantages of a natural crystal deodorant:

1. Prevents odor-causing bacteria When you apply crystal deodorant, made from mineral salts, you typically wet the top of the crystal. When applied to your underarm a thin layer of mineral salts will stay on your skin. Youíll still sweat (itís not an antiperspirant) but that sweat will not form bacteria, which is the cause for the body odor.

2. Mineral salts are easy on the skin Many commercially prepared deodorants and antiperspirants irritate the skin, causing irritation, rashes and allergic reactions. Mineral salts are a natural element that your body is accustomed to processing and rarely causes any type of allergic reaction. Of course, youíll want to make sure you donít already have any abrasions or cuts on your skin before applying or youíll feel the sting of salt being poured into an open wound! Not dangerous, but not comfortable either.

3. Fragrance Free If you or your friends, family and co-workers are sensitive to fragrances, or you just donít like smelling of summer meadows, rainbow breezes or vanilla fields, then a crystal deodorant is just the thing. Itís 100% odorless.

4. The little stick of crystal deodorant lasts forever! Well not really forever, but it can last up to one full year, which means youíre saving tons of money and eliminating a lot of deodorant sticks from the landfills.

5. Mineral salts donít stain your clothes How many times do you find that your deodorant leaves a yellow or gray stain on your shirts? Not to mention that icky white residue you find on your shirts if you put deodorant on before you dress. Mineral salt crystal deodorant has no residue, which means it wonít mark up or stain your clothing.

6. Natural crystal deodorant is cruelty free Animals are not tested in the production of this product so you can be sure youíre not contributing to that practice by purchasing it.

7. Aluminum free, toxin free Natural crystal deodorant is chemical free which means your body isnít absorbing potentially harmful chemicals and toxins. Itís a much safer alternative.

*Note: You may not want to apply it to freshly shaven skin - it is a "salt" .

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